An Invitation to the Botanic Gardens

Here is your all-access pass to the mysteries of the botanic gardens! It’s not all planting and pruning. The team have a planet-saving mission on their hands!

Meet the scientists who are discovering how plants can cure diseases. Hold your nose in the compost centre. Uncover the secret lives of seeds and have fun in the fungarium. Leave no leaf unturned in the glasshouses and enjoy a treat grown in the kitchen garden.

Illustrations by Helen Shoesmith .

An Invitation to the Ballet Theatre

Grab your VIP access pass and enter the wonderful world of the ballet theatre.

Have you ever wondered how ballet dancers stay strong and avoid injury? Or how the magical scenes on stage are created by the set and lighting departments? Step behind the scenes of the ballet theatre with your very own access-all-areas inviation to find out.

Discover how stunning costumes are designed and see the thousands of shoes stored in the shoe room. Watch the dancers put on dramatic makeup, elaborate wigs and headdresses to create their characters. Finally, discover the magic and wonder of performance night as the dancers prepare to dance Swan Lake through the beautiful illustrations by Helen Shoesmith .