The George’s Amazing Adventure picture book series follows our plucky hero George as he takes us on a whirlwind of missions!

From tracking down the Yeti, delivering sweets to Martians, finding a dragon with a fearsome reputation and setting sail to meet a real pirate crew ,this series is perfect for any budding adventurer – big or small!

There are eight books in the series, Spaghetti with the Yeti, Marshmallows for Martians, Doughnuts for a Dragon, Pizza for Pirates,Treats for a T. Rex, Socks for Santa, Muffins for Mummies and Jellybeans for Giants which are all chock-full of beautiful illustrations from international bestselling illustrator, Lee Wildish.

Jellybeans for Giants

When George plants some jellybeans in his garden, they grow into an enormous beanstalk! George is sure there must be a friendly giant at the top…

Doughnuts for a Dragon

George climbs in his time machine with only a scooter, some cakes and tasty doughnuts to aid him in his quest.

Spaghetti with the Yeti

Join George, a young and courageous explorer with all the pluck of a little Indiana Jones, on a quest to track down the elusive Yeti against all the odds.

Muffins for Mummies

This time someone’s been stealing cakes from the museum café and George (armed with 25 muffins as bait) is off to crack the crime!

Treats for a T. rex

George swoops off to seek the fearsome T. rex on his home-made hang-glider with just his dog Trixie for company.

Socks for Santa

George is heading to the North Pole to deliver lots of presents to Santa for a change! But oh no – Santa and the elves are in trouble…

Pizza for Pirates

George, a young explorer, longs to meet a real pirate crew. So he sets sail with a cheesy treat to sustain him on his voyage.

George Songs

Come and sing some George’s Amazing Adventures songs!