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Party for Dads

Anna thinks that dads have really boring birthdays, so she decides her dad needs a proper children’s party with all his friends. There will be silly games, dressing up, dad-dancing and a party tea! But will her dad learn how to really have fun?

Molly’s Magic Wardrobe: The Mermaid Mission

Join Molly as she visits the enchanted dressing-up wardrobe in her Granny’s house. Today she’s going to be a mermaid! Molly dives below the sea and soon finds herself on a mission: she must race to save the mermaids’ shipwreck from some pesky sharks!

Jellybeans for Giants

When George plants a jellybean in his garden, it grows into an enormous beanstalk! George is sure there must be a friendly giant at the top…

The Skies Above My Eyes

Charlotte’s new non-fiction collaboration with Yuval Zommer will make you look up at the sky above you and think about everything going on above your head! From insects and birds to the unexplored reaches of outer space, take a journey upwards and marvel at the wonders of the universe!

The First Egg Hunt

Poor Easter Chick works so hard to make Easter eggs for everyone, but the Easter Bunny always gets all the credit.

The World Book Day Monster

Anna dresses up as her favourite character for World Book Day. But when she goes to school in her monster costume, no one knows what character Anna is supposed to be. Can Anna find someone to share her favourite story with and discover just how much magic is hiding inside a book?

The Comet Street Kids

Join the Comet Street Kids on their action-packed adventures across 144 expertly-levelled stories. Children, parents and teachers will grow to know and love Rav, Asha, Tess and Finn through their adventures ranging from the familiar to the fantastical.